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Cell Phone Microscope Lens with 60X Magnifying Glass has LED and UV Lights Compatible with iPhone, Samsung and Other Smartphones and Tablets with Camera Lenses by Wesley’s as you wish

Product Features:

    60x Zoom Lens Microscope:Camera Lens Attachment is a 60x Zoom Microscope that can attach to many Cell Phones, Note Pads or any device with a CAMERA Lens that is NO MORE than 1" inch from the Edge of your device.How to Use Clip-on Microscope:Remove your Protective Cover from your…
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Product Description

60x Zoom Lens Microscope:

Camera Lens Attachment is a 60x Zoom Microscope that can attach to many Cell Phones, Note Pads or any device with a CAMERA Lens that is NO MORE than 1″ inch from the Edge of your device.

How to Use Clip-on Microscope:

Remove your Protective Cover from your Cell Phone or Tablet; the clip-on attachment NEEDS to Mount Directly to your Device to function properly, extra space may distort the image.

You will also need to adjust the Focal Length of the Microscope, do this by pulling out microscope-housing from attachment clip, and place the 

Clip-on FOAM Connecting ring over Cell Phones Camera Lens, TURN on LED Light buy twisting one way or the other (on back of Battery housing) 

depending if you want White or UV lighting.

Next TURN ON YOUR CAMERA so you can view through your device you should see a blurry circle on your screen place Microscope 

on a non-moving surface push down slowly until the Image becomes clear, now you have your device set to its proper adjustment, you can 

now use your zoom feature on your device so you can get even closer to the object your wanting to view and take pictures or just use to view objects through Comfortably.


Slips easily into your Pocket or Purse comes with a cloth carrying bag to keep lint or dust out of lens and spring areas. the item is very easy to use 

Clip it ON Turn it ON and you’re ready to view whatever you’re looking at. 

JUST REMBER this is a Microscope, not a Magnifying Glass you will need to be very close to the object your viewing the Microscope has a 

Clear Spacer next to the lens this clear spacer needs to touch or be very close to what you are viewing.

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Product Features

  • 👍 60X Zoom Clip-on Cell Phone Microscope Magnifier Lens FITS Many Types of Cell Phones and Tablets. Look at Images on you Cell Phone’s Large Screen, Zoom in and Take Pictures to Share or Input Into Documents or other Media
  • ✔️ Bright LED/UV light of the magnifying glass provides enough light in any lighting conditions. On/Off switch for LEDs. Powered by 3 replaceable LR1130 Coin batteries (installed)
  • Convenient Design is Easy to Take with You Wherever You Go. Use the Soft Tote Bag to Transport and Protect Your Mini Microscope Quickly attaches to your cell phone camera port with the detachable clip
  • Uses: Perfect for biological, jewelry, coins, currency, stamps, antiques, precision parts, insect and flower photography, Geology, Horticulture Plant Identification take Up-close Pictures of Plant issues and send them to others for Identification.
  • * PLEASE READ Product description below on how to set-up and use Microscope Thank you